LPS Rated Glass

LPS 1270 rated Glass

Protecting against aggressive and sustained physical attack.

Romag's LPS rated glass is an anti-intruder glass designed to protect valuable items and personnel from aggressive and sustained physical attack.

Over the years, our highly skilled staff have gained significant expertise and are ideally placed to deal with over changes facing the market, both now and in the future. We offer a comprehensive range of intruder-resistant products that meet a range of international quality standards, including BS EN 356 and LPS 1270.

LPS glass is an impact-resistant glass designed and developed in response to increased demand for protection against sustained and aggressive physical attack. Available in a range of thicknesses, Romag offers the thinnest and lightest specification available on the market, so the desired level of protection can be achieved with increased flexibility of design and minimal impact on visual quality.

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Typical applications:

  • High value retail display
  • Showcases
  • Banks and currency exchange
  • Government buildings
  • Detention centres
  • Viewing points
  • Museums
  • Zoos

You can find out more about our ProtectGlaz LPS glass in action at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park’s tiger enclosure in our projects section. If you would like to find out more about this product, get in touch and we will happy to help you.

Key features

  • Thinnest and lightest LPS 1270 accredited product on the market
  • Quick turnaround on replacement panels 
  • Experienced security glass processor since 1943
  • High quality UK manufactured glass
  • Romag are an ISO 9001 certified factory
  • Expert laminating experience

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